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Brand New Q90T rebooting/ malfunctioning within first 30 minutes of use. Thanks for the $2,000 brick

(Topic created on: 1/16/21 3:26 PM)
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As subject states, tv is brick/near brick functionally after 30 mintues. During smart tv setup, multiple malware warnings pop up for no reason. Have firewall enables router connected to tv. Then software continues to malfunction until tv no longer turns on. After several power cycles, tv came back up. Turned off auto dimming and any automated features, can at least get a picture from PC now. Have to hold the home button down for 5-10 seconds to get home screen to come up and it will close by itself unless you navigate to the settings tab really quickly. Software will not update, constantly fails with ITEMRSA code, no code or internet connection unstable. Downloaded firmware to USB and attempted to install and still fails software update. After having a 55" 1080p tv that was/still is rock solid for 8 years, very much considering returning this set and buying from LG or Sony. Many reports of same issue that Samsung will not disclose or address? Maybe Samsung will address it here without the usual "W'ere very sorry for the trouble" BS. My service ticket number is 4157261427. So now you're 3rd party service company is going to make me wait 4 days for service so i can stare at a $2,000 brick? Come at their convenience, not when I'm home from work? And the tv needs to be in "serviceable position" when i can't move it by myself? Right now, I'd be happy to toss your brand the out of my house if this doesn't get resolved asap. I should not have to lift a finger for a $2,000 price tag

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