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Brand new Q60 Faulty Panel

(Topic created on: 2/23/21 1:10 PM)
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I bought a brand new 75" Q60 TV in November of 2020. In early January 2021 the TV stopped working all of a sudden as it won't display any pictures. It is now almost March 2021 and my TV is still not working. I have had technicians come to my house 3 different times saying that it was something different broken each time. The first time it was the motherboard, the second it was the powerboard, and now its the panel. I called best buy about just replacing the TV as it is still brand new, and they said that since I was still under manufacturer warranty, I had to go through samsung. Samsung won't do anything for me except continue to try and fix the TV. I finally got an appointment to replace the panel and guess what, its on back order. So here I am stuck with a broken TV for almost 2 months that I honestly don't even want anymore. I have no idea what to do at this point. They keep claiming that its their policy. Well screw the policy and I can't believe this company is getting away with this. All I want is for the TV to be replaced at this point

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