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Can KU6300 pass Dolby through HDMI to ARC?

Hello, I have a KU6300 55 inch TV, along with a Chromecast Ultra and 2013 Denon AVR-2113. Currently, I have the Chromecast plugged into the AVR, and the AVR connected to the ARC port on the TV. The problem with this setup is that the AVR only has HDMI 1.4 ports so it does not pass 4K to the TV. If I plug the Chromecast into HDMI port 1, I do get 4k and HDR video, but I haven't been able to find a way to get the TV to pass Dolby through ARC back to the AVR, everything comes through stereo.


According to ( - I know it's an old review), they were able to get it working, and I have the TV set up like they recommend (Menu > Sound > Speaker List and select ‘Receiver (HDMI)’ for HDMI ARC, Menu > Sound > Additional Settings and set ‘HDMI Audio Format’ to ‘Bitstream.’). Menu > Sound > Additional Settings> ‘Audio Format’ is always greyed out though.


I do get surround sound from all of the smart TV apps that support it.


Has anyone gotten the HDMI passthrough for Dolby working, or is it not actually possible on this TV?