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Can’t choose Dolby Atmos

(Topic created on: 2/1/21 7:36 PM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs

TV: UN55MU8500

Soundbar: Q950T

Device(s): Xbox One X



- TV to One Connect hub

- Soundbar from HDMI ARC to HDMI 4 (the HDMI ARC input on the One Connect hub)

- Xbox One X from HDMI out to HDMI 1 on the One Connect hub


Trying to utilize Dolby Atmos with this setup. Have the Dolby app installed on my Xbox. When I go to the Xbox settings, and choose Dolby Atmos, I get an error message that my receiver isn't Atmos capable. Doesn't make sense because the Q950T is Atmos capable. Wondering if the Xbox thinks the TV is the receiver because of the One Connect hub, and the TV isn't Atmos capable? How can I resolve this issue?

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