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Cant enable multi output audio UN55MU8000 with samsung soundbar HW-N650

(Topic created: 07-17-2021 04:54 AM)
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Hi all,


Ive tried the steps to enable the multi output audio via my Samsung tv UN55MU8000. I have BT paired my Samsung sound bar HW-N650 with the TV and everytime I enter the accessibility menu and scroll down only to see the multi output audio is still in the grey. 


Another thing I have noticed is when I connect the Samsung soundbar via Bluetooth the sound is muffled, ive tried changing the sound in settings between pcm and bitstream options with no change at all. It works as per normal via the hdmi arc cable. 


Reason why I want to enable both sound bar and TV speakers is because the TV speakers narrative is clear and balanced but just doesn't have the sweet surround sound of the bar. 

Any ideas would be appreciated. 

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I'm having the same issues!