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Complaint 50inch TV

Due to the earthquakes in our town, our 50inch 4K tv fell and has a minor crack which is messing up the picture making it difficult to watch. I contacted Samsung 5 times now to get a service started. The first day the service was started and I was informed if there are no available services near me that I would get a list of the closest that I would be able to take it to. Instead of giving me a list they canceled my service. Second try I called to ask why it was canceled and why I was not called or informed before hand and all they kept saying was “there’s no services near you.” After being told numerous times that I am able to pick one that I can drive to.. which is only two hours away from us. The third time I called the man I spoke to said it should be fine, I can call and get the service done, so I called the service center near Santa Monica and was advised the ticket was never created and that I have to call 1-800- Samsung to get a ticket number. At this point I’m over it. I called back today to see if I could get the ticket number so I can schedule the service, she tells me it will be an inhome service and that I won’t have to pay extra for them coming to me, cool.. I thought.. I asked for an estimated cost and she told me $500-$800 mind you the tv was only $500. If this is how Samsung treats their customers then I will never buy another Samsung device. Why are you charging the price of the tv to fix it? If that’s the case I would just buy another tv. The people working for the call center all can’t speak proper and when you can’t get it through their heads all they say is “I understand” which they don’t or else they would help get to the bottom of this. Your employee’s have crappy customer service. By the end of it all I asked for an email or phone number that I can call to file a complaint, the first guy I asked said they don’t have a complaint service. The lady I spoke to today said she would put it on my service notes.. I’m supposed to believe that? Samsung you need to pull your head out of your behinds and better assist your customers if you want them to keep coming back. This was a load of bullcrap and I should have just gone through a third party in the first place cause I bet my tv would have already been fixed. Thanks for absolutely nothing. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Complaint 50inch TV

We apologize for your experience. Please send a recent transaction number to this PM Link, and we will look in to this.

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