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Connect, update, then disconnect WiFi

I'd rather have just a dumb TV, but that's not really an option these days. (I really don't want Samsung to collect data or have to deal with internet security for a TV.) To simulate "dumb," I've never connected my 2019 4K TV to the internet. It works fine this way.


Recently, I wanted to try to connect to the TV using AirPlay -- but there's no "AirPlay Settings" under General. I'm guessing that there needs to be a software update for the TV... which means I'll have to connect it to the internet.


After I do any necessary updates, I'd then like to disconnect it from the internet. I assume I could just edit the network settings and enter invalid settings so it couldn't connect. My conern is that the TV will then put up error messages continually until I fix the settings which means I'd have to leave it connected to the internet -- again, something I don't want to do.


Has anybody temporarily connected their TV to the internet and successfully disconnected it afterwards?