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Crystal UHD TV network Issue

(Topic created on: 12/19/20 9:06 AM)
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I have a UN65TU700DFXZA smart TV that I use on a wired network.  The wired network works fine for awhile, then it stops working and says "network cable disconnected".  No link light on the back.  If I go to network troubleshooting, it says "No Network Cable Connected".  There are 2 ways I can fix it:

  • Unplug the network connection and plug back in.  The link light resumes.
  • Choose 'reset network' on the TV.

I've replaced patch cables, tried different ports on the switch, etc.

Everything else on my network works fine.

I have the latest firmware  (1410 dated Nov. 04).


Any ideas?

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
4k, 8k and Other TVs

I am sorry to hear about this. Please cold boot the television using the following steps.


Turn on the TV.

Press and hold Power on the remote until the television turns off and back on.
Reconnect to your WiFi network.


If you continue to have issues with your connection, please send the serial number for the TV to this PM Link.

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