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Direct TV STB connected to HDMI port 1 can not connect to my  UN65JS8500 HDMI and drive broadcast

(Topic created on: 2/23/21 1:59 PM)
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I have Direct TV STB connected to HDMI port 1  can not connect to my UN65JS8500 HDMI Hub.  Software is up to date at level 1550. The TV has network connectivity  and access HBO MAX, Netflix and other smart applications (all run great). Currently all HDMI devices have been removed and the Hub has been reset.  DTV STB was removed, powered down and reset

The TV work fine but when turned on @ 5 yesterday the following message came up

"Updating TV Software... Don't Turn off the TV or disconnect the power cable until the update finishes. Your TV will turn itself off and on again automatically after completing update"

About 20-30 seconds pass and  the following message appears. 

"Check that the device is connected properly, then try turning on the device by selecting the button below 

either STB or Close" 

HDMI 1 is connected to Direct TV STB. STB is selected and TV turns off and repeats the process. 

Will a hard reset resolve this issue ? Is This the firmware problem ? 



Thanks for the help !!!






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you could try a hard reset, but you can also try (if possible), to plug the Direct TV STB into another HDMI port