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Distracting brightness changes - Q90R

There is a very annoying sudden brightness peak across the panel when changig scenes. It is explained here and similar but delayed from dark to bright here at 21.18


Would it be possible to fix this with the fw update?

Samsung's latest flagship 4K LCD TV, the Q90R, boasts new wide viewing angles to rival OLED screens, superb black levels and shadow details, plus Quantum 4K AI processing for upscaling video sources along with local dimming and a full FALD panel. So is it the best in class? We also run comparison
We review the Samsung Q90R which is the South Korean brand's flagship 4K QLED LCD TV for 2019. Our review unit is the 65-inch QE65Q90R, but the Q90 is also available in 55-inch and 75-inch sizes in the UK and Europe. Many thanks to Crampton & Moore for sponsoring this video. If you're considering

Re: Distracting brightness changes - Q90R

...and this is from a user from another forum, owner of 82Q90R:

Brightness fluctuations are a bit strange as the dimming algorithm tries to command the picture. Very noticeable on Law and Order when they flash addresses as the scene changes (white text on black background), the text appears bright for 1 second them significantly dims. I was watching Americas Got Talent the other night and Simon had a bright white shirt on and every time it cut to him/away from him the fluctuations were maddening.”