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Do not buy any Samsung products!

I bought a 65 UK curved TV and it was shutting off on its own right out of the box.  The techs came out and fixed it but broke the casing at the same time.


I have the smart fridge that I paid enormous amounts of money on and had plenty of problems with the ice maker freezing up.  Tech came out to fix.  The only way for pandora to work is having the super fast internet.  

I have a dishwasher with the water wall and it stopped working.  It's an $800.00 dishwasher that worked great for 2 yrs and here I am looking to buy another.  

I bought an over the range microwave that was really expensive and it does not pull up any air.  My fire alarm always goes off.  

These are all the more expensive black stainless steal appliances. 

Don't waste your money, time or effort on any of their products.  They are all garbage and their customer support is no good!  These aren't like LG or Whirlpool that outlasts your taste and you get rid off only because their look is outdated.  You'll be replacing them at 2 yrs when they fall apart and the cost is more than a new LG, Bosch or Whirlpool. I am enormously disappointed that I have to spend all this money to replace what I thought was a long term investment.  


Re: Do not buy any Samsung products!

That's too bad. Happily we've had no issues with our washer/dryer, TV's or phones.