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Error 118

When I try to download a variety of applications on to my tv it states "Unable to download. Please try again (118)." This inclues VUDU, YouTube,  Hulu, YoutubeTV, FacebookTV, and I am sure many others. I have done a SmartHub reset, a complete tv reset, and all the other resets. This includes the whole unplug the tv and count to ten. None of these have worked. I still get the same error for multiple apps on a tv that is only two years old . Please help, so that I can have a SmartTV that actually does its job. Thank you so much!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Error 118

I suggest trying a different router or even trying to download the apps using the hotspot on your phone. There may be something in your router blocking the ability to download the apps. 

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