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Error while downloading on Universal Remote Setup

Had my DirectTV Hd-20 reciever set up when I first got the TV 2 years ago.

The other day I disconnected my HDMI cables and had to reconnect and rerun Universal remote setup. Now when I try to do the Cable or Satellite Control Test, I get an message saying there was an error while downloading please select Try Again.

If I select this, I get the same error, however after a few tries it eventually gives me the screen where it says to do channel up and down, since channel up and down do nothing, i select no that it did not change my channel, and which point the download fails again and to try again. Again, it fails initially, but succeeds after a few more tries.. but again, code doesnt work. Repeat this two more times before I'm presented with an option to search for my device, pick that, but as I'm entering my device, the onscreen keyboard goes away and the OTT Box/Game Console device screen is now displayed. 

Because of tall this I cannot use the Samsung remote to control my direct TV.


Model: UN65MU8000
Firmware version: 1280