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Fundamental Samsung OS Glitch affecting Disney+, CNNGo, Hulu, connection to Samsung Servers

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Problem: I've spent over 3 hours with Samsung support due to numerous glitches and bugs in the latest software in the Samsung television operating system software.

1. Disney Plus: As far as I can tell there have been numerous reports for over a year with glitches regarding Disney Plus not working in Samsung TV's operating system.  MORE below.

2. Hulu works but none of the shows available in the programming menu plays on the Samsung television I have.   Any other devices and OSs Hulu works just fine.

3. CNNGo works but there is a 5-10 second delay between video and audio that lags behind...the audio delay increases as you keep the app running.


Attempts to resolve: 

Our issue is that when you start watching a show on Disney plus, the screen showing seasons and shows appears but once you start watching the series, playing the series goes directly to the last show watched, there are no options that allow someone to choose a specific episode.  We initially thought this was a design flaw at Disney but others have reported that it was found to be an error with Samsung and not Disney.  Further, it randomly shows the full list of shows some times and other times doesn't show it at all.  Any attempt to exit this on the Samsung television only results in any attempt to reload the app again to just display a black screen.  Accessing Disney plus on any other non-Samsung device, works just fine, telling us this is a Samsung TV software issue.  I followed all the suggested cache clearings, unplug resets, factory default resets suggested both in these groups to have it not work and then texted the tech support to only have them walk me through what I just did 3 more times.  This required logging into the Samsung account, reinstalling apps, then relogging back into each individual app....  


At various times, attempting to log into the Samsung account or apps on the television elicits a "cannot log in at this time" despite tests showing that there is an active and consistent internet connection to the television (which uses ethernet cable, not wifi).  Even attempting to enter the information causes the TV to freeze randomly and sometimes jump to the Guide channel.  Anything that involves trying to connect to the Samsung server ends up with "not available at this time" error displaying at random moments.  Any attempts to log into third-party apps (assuming the Samsung onscreen keyboard doesn't freeze) works perfectly fine.



1) App not working or has errors in functionality

2) Turn off TV, Unplug for 1-5 minutes, Replug, Turn TV on

3) App still has the same error

4) Uninstall and reinstall app

5) App still has the same error

6) Reset the Samsung Cache

7) Apps all are logged out and non factory installed need to be reinstalled.

8) Log into all apps one by one

9) Start the app and it works fine during 1-2 tests then error recurs

10) Reset to factory defaults

11) Apps are all logged out and non factory installed apps need to be reinstalled

12) Log back into the Samsung account

13) Reinstall all apps log back into all apps.

14) App works on 1-2 tests then the problem in functionality reoccurs.

15) Any attempt to log back into the Samsung account or to set a support contact submission randomly fails in 1 of two ways: either during login with the keyboard freezing and then jumping to the guide channel or it submits acknowledges that the user and password are correct but that it is unable to log in at this time.

16) Repeat all above again (1st time - me looking into all possible fixes here and trying them, 2nd & 3rd time Tier 1 tech support walking me through what I already tried.  4th time - Tier 2 or 3 tech support walking me through what Tier 1 and I already tried 3 x)


I was told after 3 hours of going around in circles trying the same things that result in the same errors, that a technician would need to come out and I would need to pay this technician to repair the television.  Not sure why I would need to do that when clearly the issue appears to be glitches in the operating system and third-party software that others have also reported as being issues with Samsung's software and not the third-party software.  I seriously doubt that an independent shop responsible for physical repairs contains software developers with knowledge of the code to the point of individually fixing one person's entire Sansung operating system and servers.  No, this is a fundamental software error at the Samsung OS level that only Samsung's corporate-level development team could possibly fix, and I, a customer, shouldn't have to pay to repair bugs in their operating system software.  The tech support at Samsung is either clueless or the entire software bug reporting and fix re-iteration process needs a serious overhaul if these issues have been reported more than a year ago and still isn't fixed in the latest version.


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yeah that's Alot of BS to get things working properly. In your case I recommend grabbing Google Chromecast with Remote. The $50 you spend now I promise it will pay for itself in the first week. Super Fast Response. Very Customizable and having the Support of Google let's you rest at ease that if it's on the Playstore or online you can directly have it on the TV. I know $50 is alot but it's well worth it