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HDBaseT Transmitter for Samsung Terrace 65

(Topic created on: 4/21/21 8:07 PM)
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I am trying to optimize an outdoor TV setup for simplicity but also use Sonos sound setup I have. When planning out I did run 2XCAT6 behind the TV but didn't really think through how my Sonos Audio setup is going to work so trying to figure out ARC with Samsung Terrace TV and the HDBase-T setup (included)

- TV (Looking at Samsung Terrace) which has HDMIs including HDMI ARC; Also supports HDBase-T but doesn't come with a transmitter only a port on the TV
- Sonos/Sonance Outdoor Speakers connected to Sonos Amp by Pool (4 all on one Amp right now)
- 2 CAT6 runs behind TV
- No other cabling other than electricity

Indoor (Wiring Closet)
- Sonos Amp that powers 4 outdoor speakers
- DirecTV Receiver (Wired via Coax)

What HDBaseT transmitters does Samsung recommend and does the built-in HDBaseT receiver support ARC? Are there any compatibility lists published anywhere?  Also, how do I get sound from the TV (playing content directly in apps on the TV for example) back to my Sonos setup which has HDMI ARC support?  There are HDBaseT baluns that have transmitter and receiver with optical return from TV optical port but those are expensive and wouldn't use the built-in TV HDBaseT.  Can Samsung provide some guidance for how this is recommended to be used?

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