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HDMI-CEC Problems

Hello, all!


I have a UN40KU6300 UHDTV with a HW-N400 soundbar and an Apple TV HD all connected via HDMI using HDMI ARC. For a while, the soundbar would not turn on and the sound would only come out of the TV's internal speakers. Then, it got to the point where everything would be on, but the volume level would not change. It has come to the point where a variation or other of these problems happen every day, and I am forced to reach behind my entertainment center, turn off the power strip, and turn it back on again. I don't know if a software update with either the TV or the Apple TV has caused this issue. I don't want to switch to an optical cable because I like the idea of controlling everything with only the Apple TV remote. Does anyone else have this problem or has come up with a solution? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!