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I SOLVED the Mysterious E-ARC Issue with Samsung TVS

I will make this short and sweet. afer endless hours of trying everything this worked for me and I would like to share it cause its abit of unual method, so the intial problem was when you connected an ARC compatiable device you could either choose it and it wouldnt play sound or it wouldnt even show up as option, so the exact method I did it was I unplugged the power to everything for 10 min and turned it back on problem was still there. I went into settings >  Genera> device manager>toggled off +ANYNET  and back ON then proceeded to the sound section checked EARC option was turned on and then right below it says digital output audio I changed that to PCM .. Immediately my reciever made some clicking sounds and the sound came out and I was able to control the recievers volume with samsung remote. I then went back to that menu and switched it back to AUTO so that it would passhtrough audio to my reciever and Tried amazon shows, I get 5.1 surround  and it has been working for me for abou 3 days  of use, if this does not work for you you might want to check you settings in your Reciever make sure Cec is turned on perhaps do a factory reset.  DO NOT waste your time with samsung Technical support they are bunch of clueless people that was waste your time  


Re: I SOLVED the Mysterious E-ARC Issue with Samsung TVS

Good to know - Thanks