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Intermittent black screen

I have 75" 4k model QN75Q8DTAFXZA TV and I get an intermitten random black screen flicker viewing Xfinity shows on their new 4k set-top box.  All boxes (Xfinity, AppleTV, Blue Ray) are routed through my Denon 8K surround sound reciever.  This was all professionally installed by an AV company, so new reciever, cable box, high end HDMI cables etc..

It seems I only see the issue on Xfinity.

Here's the following tests i've done:

1. Unplugged HDMI from TV and watched a netflix movie via WIFI from the Samsung app. (no flicker)

2. Watched an Apple TV movie with no flickering, which is connected via the Denon 8k to the TV.

3. Watched  TV/Saved movies via Xfinity setup box running through the Denon to TV and see a flicker.


Has anybody else seen this problem or had issues with the new 4k Xfinity cable box?



Problem with my UN49NU8000

Been having a issue with my TV when I'm trying to game at native 4k. Basically both my PS4 Pro and PC causes the TV to keep causing it to get black screen. I've tried different hdmi cables and enabled game mode as well as UHD color under the HDMi the cable is connected to. Any advice?