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KS8000 losing functionality, but apps are still being added...

(Topic created on: 1/23/21 1:13 AM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs

... that I don't want and most are not even from my country.

But until a couple months ago my KS8000 worked just fine with Alexa's Routines. Now Alexa tells me that she doesn't know what I'm asking for or when it comes to it turning off in a routine it doesn't anymore. Or when I ask to have "the D¡SH turned on" it would switch to that input. As it would when I asked for "AppleTV" which I discovered not too long before it went away. Until recently everything was fine and this TV was incredible as touted by Samsungs' CEO when they premiered it at CES as Samsungs' Flagship in Device Interaction and Home Automation. What is happening now, nothing but garbage apps including "TV Plus" being updated and other more useful Apps and features are disappearing for no reason?

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