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KU6500 cannot find any wifi. tried everything

hey everyone this is driving me insane. my tv was working fine for probably the first 6 or so months and after that the wifi capabilities of the tv slowly got worse. it use to be once a week i would have to reset it in order for it to find my wifi, eventually once a day, and then multiple times a day. and now it doesnt work AT ALL.


i have tried everything, and please nobody suggest that i do something obvious like test the connection.


ive tried:

1. updating software via USB (update a success, wifi problem still persists)

2. unplugging power from wall socket

3. resetting in self diagnosis

4. resetting smart hub in self diagnoses

5. entering wifi manually

6. "testing" the connection


and please please do not ask me if my router is working. i have an xbox, a ps4, a computer, and 4 phones that connect to the internet with NO problems.


what else can i do? help will be greatly appreciated



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: KU6500 cannot find any wifi. tried everything

Let's investigate this further. Can you please send a private message here: with the full model and serial numbers of the television?