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Latest 8 Gen 4K UHD TV-Vertical Lines - Part Unavailable in 3Y -No exchange/refund after 3mos

  • My experience of buying Samsung UHD 8K series TV (Sales without service)
  • Mar: SAMSUNG TV UN55KS8000FXZA started showing vertical colored lines. Problem continued with no wires attached proving issue with board/screen. Bought latest top of the line samsung TV in 2016 $1100 (+ tax after discounts etc). This is my second TV of theirs, also the most expensive and newest at about 3.5 years old.
  • Apr:Reached out to 800-SAMSUNG for repair and got no help/guidance. Looking at the community board, reached out to community moderator for help and got a one time part/labor repair from Samsung.
  • Jun 1: After going through multiple (3) service tickets to arrange visit during COVID and waiting for parts to be delivered and multiple follow ups (since no one calls back or seem to care), i got to know that the part for 2016 model is unavailable (vertical lines on screen is a common issue among samsung 4K 8 Series TV model owners and samsung decided to sell lemons and stopped repairing/fixing 1000$ + TV and leaving owners in limbo - once i will have time i will share details to a class action attorney ). I was offered a 418 dollars as a salvage value (take it or leave it deal) and no exchange of TV was offered. I took the deal on Jun 4th to avoid throwing good time/money over a defective samsung TV and was told to expect a refund in 7-14 days
  • Jun 22 : No refund / No follow up / No call back from Samsung - a TV owner left in limbo with no guidance, After calling 800-Samung and speaking to a customer rep, they couldnt provide eta / status of the request and there is a wait of 1hour 25mins to talk to refund department representative. I have already spend upwards of 20-30 hours. Now i have to hold on to q defective TV during my move out at the end of the month as samsung doesnt care to pick up their defective TV and willnt issue any issue any refund without it. 
  • Experience Good 1. Community moderators are very helpful and respond proactively. Kudos to them.
  • Experience May be - Good/Bad 1. Was offered a one time free part/labor repair from Samsung. (why offer free part/service when Samsung dont have the parts to start - wasted 45 days) 2. Sales makes it look like that Samsung TVs are best (however there are many defective/lemon TVs and become defective in 3 years and Samsung doesn't provide repair/parts)
  • Experience Ugly 1. Service dept doesn't care - cancels tickets at their discretion even when problem continue to persists 2. Refund department doesn't care - isn't reachable and doesn't deliver on their guidance. 3. Samsung representatives didnt offer any exchange TV and havent issue any refund. I fail to see Samsung having any incentive to pick up their defective TV and issue any refund.  I will post future communication and updates every month.      
  • Summary : I used to like Samsung but don't have the energy to go through this horrendous experience again and would no longer buy any Samsung TV or appliance going forward (my last LG TV of 450$ lasted 7 years).   Sales without service is one less customer.image0.jpeg 

Re: Latest 8 Gen 4K UHD TV-Vertical Lines - Part Unavailable in 3Y -No exchang..

I feel your pain. Samsung seems to not care for its customers. I bought a tv 25 days ago, and the store didn't want to accept my return of a brand new TV with defective HDMI ports, so I contacted customer service and 2 weeks later they haven't resolved my issue. Very disappointed