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Lightning Strike on Samsung 8 Series

Recently we had a lightning strike near our house and among the casualties was my Samsung 8 Series 75”. It was dead. Power supply was smoked (capacitors popped). Long story short all three boards were replaced.

I re-paired the remote and the TV will turn on but other than that the remote control does not seem to work (red LED is blinking a lot).

Once the TV turns on I get a prompt requesting the I “Check that the ONE CONNECT is connected to the TV.”  It is and it looks to be powered on.

Every once in a while when re-pairing the remote I get the normal screen with all of the “Smart Stuff: at the bottom but is disappears after about 20 seconds and I am back at the “ONE CONNECT” screen.

Any suggestions other than possibly replacing the ONE CONNECT box?  Possible bad motherboard?


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Lightning Strike on Samsung 8 Series

We are sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, you will need a technician to diagnose what defective parts need to be replaced with any degree of confidence.

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