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Local Dimming Broken Update 1460

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 10:58 PM)
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If a Samsung representative reads this, can you please tell me:  Is this a problem that is going to be fixed?


Update 1460 was automatically pushed to my TV the other day.  Prior to that, it was at 1403. 


I was having issues before with the image automatically dimming after 6 minutes.  Lately I have not experienced this issue.


Now, though, Local Dimming is just straight up broken.  The differences between Standard and High LD used to be significant, and I found they were both really nice options in their own right.  Now they barely look different from one another, and sometimes they flip.  I'll have it on High, but it'll seem like Standard.  Then I'll switch to Standard it has most certainly become High.  Sometimes I'll select one, and after a second it'll switch to the other.  And to be honest, the HDR effect just does not seem to be quite as present now..


I've honestly seen issues all over the internet about dimming issues, and with updates coming out that fail to fix things / break things even further, I'm concerned that Samsung is incapable of fixing these issues.  Obviously they'll be releasing a new line of TVs this year, and their attention / technical support will focus on the new ones.  I'm worried that owners of the Q90T, despite having paid $3,000 for this product, will be left in the dust.


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