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Losing wifi connection every single day!!!!!!

I am so tired of losing connection with the q800 series!!!  I will never buy a Samsung again!!!  I over paid for this tv also....

Cosmic Ray

Re: Losing wifi connection every single day!!!!!!

The problem can be fixed by turning off the "instant" from on to off. How: A) Enter secret menu *find youtube videos to learn how  B) SCROLL down to MRT option and enter   C) SCROLL to "instant on", change it to "instant off"   D) get out and don't change anything else.     E) Turn the TV off and then on     F) Problem fixed, now the tv will take a bit turning all the features on as it used to. For me my Sonos playbar takes about 10 extra seconds to come up and be controlled by my smart remote. Something I can easily get used to.😷👍🏻



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