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NU8500 no longer able to do 1440p/120hz in windows 10

Yesterday i had my PC hooked up to my nu8500 tv, and i set the resolution to 2560x1440 and 120hz and it worked great, everything looked fine and ran fine.


Today I turn on the PC and it will not let the TV display any 2560x1440 resolutions above 30hz, despite windows allowing the tv to do 4k@60hz, or 1080p@120hz.


As far as I know, my computer and tv both suppoer 1440p@120hz, and if it worked yesterday why is it no longer working today? Every time I turn the computer on, the tv does try to "automatically detect device

" but it cant seem to figure out its a desktop computer.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: NU8500 no longer able to do 1440p/120hz in windows 10

Is the PC the only device this is occurring with? I recommend trying other devices to your tv to see if the resolution is corrected. Try unplugging your tv for about 5 minutes and retrying directly in a wall socket. Also ensure that you have both the TV and the PC fully up to date. If these do not help, I recommend reaching out to the developer of your operating system

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