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Need Help - TV changes source to ARC video when turned on

I have a UN65JS9000 and I have tried to pair it with multiple sound bars (Samsung Q60T & Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro) via the ARC connection, and every time I have run into the same issue where after 5-10 seconds the TV will change the video source to HDMI4 (ARC).


I have tried multiple setups:

1) Cable box/Xbox plugged into the TV with ARC to Soundbar and changing video sources on TV

2) Cable box/Xbox plugged into the soundbars, leaving TV on HDMI4 (ARC) 


Even while the TV is powered on when HDMI4 (ARC) is selected as in setup #2 above it will still try to change the video source a second time to HDMI4 and cause an issue with the ARC connection as I lose video and sound and need to switch source back to HDMI4 on the TV to restore it.


I called Samsung support and ran through the usual troubleshooting basics of resetting the TV, and soundbars, all have latest firmware, and tried new cables. I suspect it is an issue with Anynet+/CEC.


I could use optical cable however then I lose out on Atmos functionality with the higher end soundbars. They now want me to pay for someone to come out and "fix" my TV. Anyone else have similar issues or know of any workarounds Samsung has not suggested?