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Need help for Unimaginable Incompetence - Worst Customer Service experience

I've been asking for exchange or credit for my 4K QLED TV that seems to have cracked from the inside the screen without  any physical damage outside - weird situation. But anyway, since Sumsung could not find help for me, the approved the case for an exchange. However, the case has been over a month going back and forth with calls and emails. The case manager cannot seem to get the TV mailed to me. Apparently, I must go to some warehouse in NJ to exchange the TV while I live in MA. The TV was purchase directly from and was originally shipped to me in MA. Everytime I call, I'm told someone will call me in 3-5 business days but no one calls. I'm so frustrated. I regret ever purchasing so many Samsung products. I couldn't have imagined such incompetence and worst customer experience. Could someone please help me escalate this case, this case, there's got to be one person somewhere in the case management team who can get this done. Please....? 

I don't want to smear the company because of some incompetent worker, but I may have to.


Does anyone no the supervisor name or contact for case management? Thank you!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Need help for Unimaginable Incompetence - Worst Customer Service experience

Regretfully the only way to call and reach Case management is by calling 800-726-7864 and requesting the department. There is unfortunately not a direct contact number. However, I'd be happy to have our management team look into this for you here. Mind shooting me a private message here with your most recent ticket number or contact number:

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