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New Q80T Owner. Game Motion Plus is both amazing/terrible

Hey guys, just picked up a Q80T this weekend after spending a month deciding which set to buy. Here's my experience.


I use the TV almost exclusively as a 2nd screen for my gaming PC and play at 4k60fps. It was great on my old Samsung NU6900, but unfortunately the TV crapped onto the next! I originally thought of the Q70T but changed my mind last minute and got the Q80T, mainly due to the better HDR gaming and full array backlight. First thing that really impressed me was the motion. 60fps interpolated to 120 is amazing. It's like I upgraded my PC for free. However, I eventually noticed that the smearing from having Game Motion Plus enabled can be really distraction. I tried turning it off, but the motion felt incredibly stuttery even though I'm getting 60fps. What's worse is that the smearing/ghosting is even worse with HDR enabled, leaving it basically not an option for gaming. Even when I turn all image processing completely off there's still a bit of ghosting, except now my game feels choppy.


So I am a bit torn. The TV looks amazing in motion and I am pleased with the overall color/picture, but I am not getting use out of features I paid a premium for, such as HDR and FALD. Basically I am content, but for the money I spent shouldn't I be completely satisfied? I know a lot of people tend to recommend the Sony X900H, does it suffer from the same issue? I also heard it has problems of it's own. Is there a chance Samsung could fix these issues with a eventual firmware update?