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No Longer Able to Play CDs Without Keeping The 90T TV On

Hello, I just had my new QLED TV recently installed (Model QN65Q90TAFXZA) and integrated it into my surround sound system. I have a Marantz Pre-Amp Model AV8802a and an OPPO UHD player that also plays Blu Rays/CDs/SACDs.


The TV is now connected using HDMI 3 to the Marantz and the OPPO is connected HDMI directly to the Marantz. Since the OPPO is a UHD Blu Ray player it requires the TV connection. Up until this installation, with prior Samsung TVs, I could play my CDs from the OPPO without turning on the TV as my installer has programmed that into my Universal Remote. The Samsung is playing cable fine and plays the OPPO Blu Rays fine, but to hear audio from CDs, the TV now has to stay on which is ridiculous. If I just run the command to listen to my CDs through the HDMI connection, I get no sound but the CD player is clearly working because as mentioned as soon as I turn on the TV, I can hear the music. When I turn off the TV, the CDs will still play but they won't start and play on their own without the TV turning on. 


I called Marantz who did some trouble shooting with me and had me remove the HDMI cable going from the Samsung TV to the Marantz and when I did that, The CDs played fine, but as soon as I reconnected the HDMI cable, the CDs would no longer play on the speakers. Marantz believes the issue is with the Samsung CEC/Anytime Plus and told me to contact Samsung. I also called OPPO and they said they have heard of this issue before and pointed toward the CEC as well. I also had my installer double check all connections and they were fine. I recreated the same issue when using all the separrate remotes instead of the universal remote, to rule out any issue there and still nothing worked. 


I called Samsung 6 different times and all they could come up with was that I need to make sure the TV was on HDMI 3 (ARC) as I initially had it on HDMI 1. I told them that was not the issue as I am not returning audio. I moved it anyway  to HDMI 3 like they suggested and still get no sound when playing the CDs. I went through 4 tecnicians and 2 supervisors and they don't believe it will ever work. I told them that this exact setup has worked perfectly on my Samsung TVs for the past 5  years and literally nothing has changed in my system except the installation of the new QLED TV. Samsung offered someone to come "repair" the TV, but in my mind, it isn't broken. I contacted Marantz again and they still are adamant that its a firmware update needed in the CEC anytime +. Something in the TV is clearly blocking the signal from the marantz and the OPPO.


Samsung will not go any further with this and now I'm stuck. I was hoping some of you out there might have experienced this issue or possibly can offer a solution. I can play the CDs fine thru my optical connection or analog - just not HDMI. I am very frustrated and any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

Thanks. Frank.