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No Network connections after power off on Samsung 65 ser 7, and available networks dont show up


I got this TV delivered on 07/29/20. I have a strange issue. I connect to an available wifi network on my TV to access Netflix, Prime etc. It works fine the first time, but when I turned the TV off and back on again, the network connection has dropped and also the TV cannot find any available networks. The router is fine because the networks show up fine on all my other devices such as phones, tablets etc. I am able to connect again only after either

a. Pulling the power cord off, plug back in and reentering network information after restart

b. Resetting the network to factory settings and then repeating the configuration of network

I see two errors - error code 107 and also I see an error where the TV is unable to get a an IP address manually from the router.


Please help.



Adarsh Shrivatsa