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No Sound from Apps

I just connected a new Q60R (4K tv) to my stereo receiver and a Dish Network cable box.  My stereo receiver is connected to ceiling speakers.  The sound from the television (Dish Network) comes out great from the speakers.  However, when I use the Netflix or Amazon app to play a show, no sound comes out of the speakers, just the televison speaker.  I can actually hear the cable channel sound from the speakers at the same time as the sound from Netflix out of the tv.  


The receiver is connected to the tv with HDMI 1.  I do not have an ARC port on the back of the stereo receiver.  The Dish Network box is connected to the receiver with a HDMI cable.  Today, I purchased an optical cable and connected to to the stereo receiver and the tv, but still no sound from the apps.  I do not know what to do now.  Any suggestions???  

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: No Sound from Apps

We are sorry to hear about this. Do you have sound from the internal TV speakers? Have you selected the Digital Audio Out as the sound source?

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