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No storage space left on Samsung Smart TV

(Topic created on: 2/14/21 7:16 PM)
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I hit the max amount of storage on my Smart TV, I couldn't delete any apps so I did a factory reset. Afterwards, it says that the same amount of storage is left (0%) but now it has no apps on it. There's nothing left to delete and the amount of storage used keeps changing one time it said 730MB used, and then the next time it said 819MB used both with 0% storage left, 0.0MB available.


Looking at the support I tried to attempt to clear cache, but there's no where to do that on my TV.

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4k, 8k and Other TVs

I don't know what year your tv is. Mine is a 2018. Nothing I tried worked, not even a hard factory reset by support. I hope you have found a solution by now. I'm going with a roku stick and hoping that will help.