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One Connect Failure

I just bought a brand new, sealed 82" Samsung Q90R TV. Day one the Q80 soundbar that was attached via eARC worked. The Xfinity cable box wouldn't. Tried every open HDMI port. No go. Comcast came out next day, spent 2 hours here. Showed me the cable was working fine on their portable device. Now, my soundbar won't connect either via the same HDMI eARC connection. Nothing works in the One Connect Box. TV turns on and off fine, can watch streaming apps fine... The day I bought it, I upgraded the firmware. Obviously there are issues with these One Connect boxes and I feel Samsung knows about it but just accepts the failure rate to keep the product on shelves. Now I have to wait until this Coronavirus stuff clears up and people got back to work before I can get Best Buy to swap it out. Samsung, you obviously know there are continued issues with these boxes.