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Purple streaks on TV Screen

I have the UN75JU7100FXZA.  Bought it from Walts in Tempe, AZ.  Mistake #1.  If I had purchased it from Costco or Samsclub I would have had some options when I found myself 1 month outside of my Samsung 2 year warranty with purple streaks starting to appear on my $3400 tv.  I thought I had gotten a great deal for $2700.  Alhough it was a big expense, I was confident of my purchase because I trusted the Samsung name.  Since then, I've had 3 different Samsung products fail miserably. . . and when I have shared my story with others, I find that I am not alone.  As far as Samsung customer service, it's non existent.  I was told that that I should have contacted them while it was under warranty.   What an unbelievably callous and ignorant statement.  I guess I should have called before I had a problem?  I was told they could fix it for a price that was roughly 2/3 the cost of the tv.  The entire panel would have to be replaced.  Translation. . . buy a new, updated tv.  So,  I'm saving for another TV while I test my patience watching the puple streaks get worse over time. . . .and waiting for a great sale at either Costco or Samsclub.   However, one thing I can say for certain, it won't be another Samsung.  All I had to hear to convince me that Samsung has lost it's build integrity was a comment from a service repair tech who told me that of all the service calls they receive, Samsung has become one of the most frequently serviced items.