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Q60R firmware update

So i'm preparing a little early fort he next gen console release, as i am on a budget, i've been looking at the Q60R 43/49 inch, both of which are 60hz but dont have freesync, which will cause stuttering for the PS5/Xbox Series X, the 55inch, which is 120hz does have freesync, sadly it's a little out of my price range.


I've decided to settle on the 43inch, however  from what i understand, doesnt have freesync, is there an update due or in development for the firmware to be updated to add freesync?


Alternatively can anyone direct me to a Qled that is 60hz with freesync within the same price range as the Q60R 43/49 inch or least expensive model that will have 60hz with freesync or a 120hz?


Thanks in advance

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Q60R firmware update

Hello! We are unable to speculate on the release of future updates. You can find a list of FreeSync models here: Link