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4k, 8k and Other TVs

DO NOT BUY Q60T QLED 4K HDR Smart TV. I purchased this TV back in November 2020 before we moved into our new house the following month. Shortly after we unboxed the TV and set it up, we were pleased with the quality of the picture and the overall look of the TV. A week or so later we noticed a strange sound coming from the TV when at a low volume, after a quick search online, I seen dozens of posts with people having the exact same issue with this model of TV. After contacting Samsung, they sent out an engineer to repair the TV, the engineer checked all the settings were correct first and then replaced the main board and also replaced the speakers, he then turned the TV back on to find the strange noise was still there. The only way I could describe the noise would be a low frequency whooshing sound.


I contacted Samsung's customer service again to explain I am still experiencing the same problems and would like a full refund or some form of compensation, I was then passed from pillar to post for over an hour whilst encourtining one of the most rude agents I have ever encountered who said the most she could offer was a £30 voucher as the TV was over 28 days old (WHAT!?) No one wanted to help, they just kept trying to arrange for another engineer to come out and look at it again.


I am awaiting a call from a senior agent who no doubt will try to arrange for another engineer to come out to my house. I will never buy another Samsung product again, absolutely shocking customer service and wash their hands of you as soon as they have your money. 

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