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Q800T won't work with RTX 3080

(Topic created on: 4/29/21 12:33 PM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs

This has been the biggest [edit] TV purchase ever, I have an 8K TV that won't do 8K or 4k 120hz, and crashes my computer on Game Mode when trying to run a game, my PC recommends "1600x900" resolution [edit], this TV is so broken but I'm still holding out hope there's some sorta fix. I have it plugged into Port 4 which is HDMI 2.1, everything should work but nothing at all does, and let's be clear when "input signal plus" is on that's all it takes to ensure I can't even run a single game, just goes "no signal" and yes I tried different HDMI cables, even the ps5 one which is guaranteed authentic. Seems like Samsung intentionally released a defective product because we're not talking minor problems but completely broken functions that are advertised but don't exist. I tried talking to support but they said to reset the TV, and while I said I needed to set it back up they took the opportunity to disconnect and run away. God awful customer service. And when it is in 4k resolution there's black bars on the side, seriously this TV is so BROKEN, and you can't change the output color format either. Nothing works

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