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Q80T - Optimizing the Picture Quality

(Topic created on: 4/1/21 3:03 PM)
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New Q80T - trying to get the settings perfect.  I have settled on the Standard picture/display setting because it provides the right level of brightness for me.  However, I have been adjusting and adjusting settings to try and get the right combination of color brightness and accurate skin tones.  It seems to get accurate skin tones the colors are too  washed out.  And if I get colors nice and bright the skin tones are too vivid and unnatural.

Any ideas?

My current settings:

Picture Mode: Standard
Color Tone: Warm 1
Brightness: 45
Contrast : 47
Color: 25
Local Dimming: Medium or High
Contrast Enhancer: Low
Color Space: Native

Any ideas, suggestions, and recommendations would be appreciated.


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