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Q85 Input changing issue

(Topic created on: 3/24/21 7:26 AM)
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Q85R issue... 

Hi.. been having an issue with my Q85, when switching inputs the TV will get stuck and not display the input, it’ll just sit on the thumbnail. I need to then press and hold the power button on the remote until I hear the one connect box click to reset the TV and when it powers up it displays the input fine, so the problem is 100% with the TV and the one connect box . 

I’m sure this issue started after a software update as it was fine for months, but it’s had a software update again since and it’s still the same... 

It’s quite annoying as the other input is CCTV and when you want to change quickly to see who’s at the door it’s a pure faff, when it really should be pretty simple! 


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