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Q900R is the worst TV I’ve ever owned

Can't believe how bad Samsung has become. I’m 30 years loyal. Let's start that even this forum doesn't have any spell check or auto correct; probably because I’m on an Apple phone. 

I won't get into the eARC update that is never coming. I won't get into the constant bugs that plaque me (I love unplugging my Q90R giant piece of soundbar and $3500 8K {what a  joke, 8K? Really? Sight ONE example your TV can handle applicable in the real world}. 

All that aside, this post is just to point out what a piece of the remote control is. You ripped off amazon, but instead of making the buttons simple and useable (in the dark) you over-complicated the Firestick remote with your volume and channel buttons. No one uses channel buttons.  has antiquated TV that you choose channels with your remote... Who   watches your bloatware ? Who uses your workout apps? I digress... back to your remote: 


You took away any backlight 

your rough, sharp edges for volume and channels suck. 

I hate this  TV and Soundbar so much and I am sick over what I paid for them. 

Your customer service is worse than your  televisions and sound bars. Your company is pure . You're all failures. You do nothing good for the world. Ypu make the world a worse place to live in. (See, Ypu is You, no correct. Pure , even here. 




Re: Q900R is the worst TV I’ve ever owned

The 8K 900R is the Pinto of televisions. Please stop whining and begging to these  for an eARC update. You're not ever going to get it.