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Q90T TV, Q70T Soundbar, Xbox Series X - Sound issues

(Topic created on: 2/8/21 4:37 AM)
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Q90T Firmware 1460
Q70T Firmware 1017.5

I connected the Xbox to HDMI 4 and using eARC back to the soundbar with a high-speed HDMI cable. 

A couple of issues and follow up questions:

Periodically, while gaming, streaming, or watching movies the sound will go out for a couple of seconds.  It seems random.  

When I switch to another HDMI for my PC and switch back, I get no sound until I change "sound mode" to "Surround".  It keeps going back to "Game" when I switch signals, which I assume is due to being in Game Mode.

eARC is setup to Auto and passthrough.  

Any thoughts?  

Should I use an ultra-high-speed HDMI cable for eARC?  
Will Samsung support DTS: X pass-through in the future?

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