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QA75Q60T - 2020 Reverts to tv speakers after being turned off

(Topic created: 10-14-2021 08:49 PM)
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This TV is 1 year old and use to turn on and off my surround sound amp through the HDMI connection with no issues. 6 months later this stopped and after lots of fiddling around and a call to support, I had to factory reset and got it working again. This issue has started again which seems to be associated with the TV not turning off, but only going to sleep. If I hold down the power button to do the soft reset it turns the amp on. Also if I disable the smart feature to run the last app it works?

I think the TV may have updated the firmware to cause the first case of this and I have turned off auto update, but I think it might have done another update anyway?

The TV says no updates available but on the download page there is an update issued July 2021? 

I have downloaded the USB version but the notes to not include what has been updated so not updating unless advised otherwise?

So we have two problems.

1. How to turn the TV off and not just put to sleep?

2. How the have the run last app feature turned on and not impact on CEC control to external devices.

Any insights appreciated.





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