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QLED (including Q900RB) picture goes dim

 I've had my QLED (Q900RB) for less than a month now. I am on the latest firmware (1315.4) ... I always keep 'Intelligent Mode' and 'Eco Solutions' OFF so that auto-dimming should never occur under any circumstances ...


First noticed this when I powered on for the morning of the first Sunday of football: My picture was dimmer than usual, despite the fact that my Backlight was up to the max (50). I tried switching to the three other Picture Modes, but all four were dimmer than usual and the brightness did not return.


The next day when I powered on my TV for Monday Night Football, the screen was even dimmer & darker than the previous day, despite the fact that, again, the Backlight was still at 50. However, this time around, when I switched to the other three Picture Modes, the TV immediately became BRIGHT again, to a legitimate max brightness.


The max brightness remained, until later that night I viewed a YouTube video, and for whatever reason, the brightness did a nosedive back down to darkness. (But again, Backlight setting still at 50.) Again, switching the Picture Mode returned legitimate brightness back to the TV.


I'm not sure if this is a software or firmware glitch, or a glitch related to firmware 1315.4 (because I didn't experience this with v1312), or if I have a hardware component problem that I need to have a Samsung repairman come out to fix while I still have this thing under warranty...


Anyone else experience this?


Can anyone one from Samsung chime in? I already chatted with someone from tech support, and he just had me power cycle; but the issue persists, and I keep having to "toggle" the Picture Modes to get my brightness to return. Pretty annoying -- and concerning -- to have this happen when I paid so much for this expensive TV...

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: QLED (including Q900RB) picture goes dim

For assistance with this, we would need you to send us a private message to the link below with your model number and the serial number.

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