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QN85A Audio Drops

(Topic created: 06-24-2021 09:55 PM)
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I recently purchased a 65'' QN85A. I specifically bought this TV for the gaming features and to finally be able to use Dolby Atmos with my Sonos Arc. After getting everything setup, I noticed the audio dropping intermittently (averaging every 15 minutes), going out for 3-5 seconds everytime. 

Naturally I tested this with many audio options and devices, using the TV itself instead of my Xbox series x. With dolby atmos, I always got the audio drops.

I called support and that was very quickly a dead end, of the  "reset audio settings and text me if it's still going on" variety. 


Convinced my unit was just defective, I exchanged it for another. The same issue is occurring still. I came here for suggestions and tried numerous things I've seen across posts, but nothing has worked.


I think this is unacceptable at this price point. I really like the picture on this one but the audio problem is a deal breaker. Does anyone know if this is something samsung will actually address? Failing that, does anyone have a comparable TV they recommend?

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Are you using eARC pass-through?

Are you getting any audio drops when using TV native apps that are outputting Dolby Atmos?