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Quality issues / customer loyalty / customer support

I bought a Samsung 40" 4K TV in 2017 - "UN40MU7000FXZA". Paid $573.94 for it. I actually bought two.


I have also in the past purchased:

46" Samsung 3D TV for over $1000. The display developed a black line and a triangular blemish after 8 years.

50" 4K Samsung - bought this last year (2019) to replace the 46"

55" Samsung 4K TV for my mother

Two 24" Samsung Monitors

23" Samsung Monitor 

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Two Samsung Bluray players / sound sytems (1080P/3D and 4K)


The 4K player has an ejection problem and I cannot use the sound system because when the tray randomly ejects the input on the TV switches interupting whatever I am watching


One of the 40" 4K TV's that I bought in 2017 recently developed a ghosting defect on the lower left screen. I contacted Samsung and to keep me happy as a customer they offered a one time warranty extension to repair the TV. They would cover the parts and I would have to cover the labor. I asked them how much the labor would be and they gave me a price and I said ok go for it. So they send out a tech and the charge is $89.99. He looks at it and says you'll need a new panel and will schedule an install date to replace the panel. He told me the $89.99 would be credited towards the installation cost. I said ok and I paid them $89.99


A few days later Samsung contacts me and claim they don't have the panel in stock and will issue me a refund of $229.58. I said ok proceed even though I am not happy with it. When I was on the phone with them I could not remember if I had paid the $89.99. Afterwards I looked at my credit card statement and saw that it was charged. So their offer of $229.58 really only netted me $139.95 after subtracting $89.99.


I look at the emails they sent and eventually started the refund procedure. Then I realized they will only issue the refund once they come to pickup the TV. So I paid close to $600 for this TV and now I only get $139.95. I can't replace it for that cost. The whole reason I went with their offer is because they were going to replace or repair the TV as a one time courtesy.


Needless to say I am completely done with Samsung. They have lost a customer that has supported their products since 2008. I will switch to a competitor  in the future. Samsung took $89.99 with the pretense of repairing the TV and then renegged on that commitment and sold me two TVs and a Bluray player that were defective. And never provided software updates for their Galaxy Tablet. I am really disappointed because I thought Samsung was a trusted brand.


I need this TV replaced / repaired or refunded $89.99 + compensation for time wasted on this matter!


Someone from Samsung contact me and fix this. Your customer support is useless - one of your reps hung up the phone in the middle of our conversation and never called back even after taking down my contact details beforehand!