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RU8000 Shortcut key to enable/disable Bluetooth headphone connection?

(Topic created on: 3/14/21 4:35 PM)
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I have a set of Bluetooth headphones that I use to listen to things on my computer and my phone. When I turn on the headphones, on the phone and computer it's pretty easy to quickly switch to the settings to connect to the headphones, but with the Samsung TV (RU8000) I have to go into several levels of the menus to do the same thing, and the menus always cover the images being shown on TV. After making the connection, seems like I also have to exit the menus level by level, no other way to quickly jump back to the original display where I started.

This is all pretty annoying. Is there a way to configure some button on the remote to do this quickly? I.e., when I press that button, it'd directly go into the deepest level of the menus to connect to the headphones. ideally not covering up the entire display being shown on the TV. When the connection is successful, the menu immediately goes away?


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