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Re: Samsung Q90T HDR/120 FPS Mode

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I own a Samsung q90t with a certified HDMI 2.1 cable. I have a PlayStation 5. I have the dirt 5 Amplified digital edition. when I try to change the video options in dirt 5 to high frame rate mode for 120 FPS the cars look very dark with a metallic look and you can't see them in the game. The only workaround for this is in the PlayStation 5 settings I changed the output manually to 1080p. I then restarted dirt five and enabled high frame rate mode. Only then in my Samsung q90t video output information does it show 3840x2160 at 120 frames per second in ultra high definition. There is no HDR high dynamic range icon meaning it's not running in that mode.




1. Is it possible to run dirt five at 120 frames per second in 4k and HDR and if so what are the proper settings on the PlayStation 5 as well as the dirt 5?




2. Why do you think the television is showing 4K 120 frames per second with no HDR when the PlayStation is set to max out at 1080p?




3. What are the differences in dirt five between high frame rate mode, prioritize resolution and prioritize image quality?




   a. Is HDR available in all three modes


   b. For each of the three modes what is the resolution, frame rate and ability to incorporate HDR simultaneously?




I'm not surprised that anyone at samsung, Sony or code Masters took the time to properly explain the interplay between these modes. It is very alarming since the Samsung q90t is along with Sony and LG the flagship model with every available feature there is as of today.




I think all of you in advance for looking at this, thinking about it and letting me know a solution. I suffer from PTSD and serious rib injuries and have a service dog. Playing video games allows me to escape the reality of a sometimes bad situation and when I am confronted with issues like this I tend to become hypervigilant and that's why I reached out for help.

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