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Samsung Crystal UHD TU7000 43inch



Good afternoon, well I purchased a Crystal UHD TU7000 43inch to use with my home/work computer configuration. The unit arrived and i was very thrilled to get it. I pluged it up with the adapter needed to use VGA to HDMI, it didn't work. So i started using my skillset to trouble shoot and find out what the issue could be. I even went so far as to speak with a tech from Samsung in the USA that was very helpful and we were bouncing ideals off of each other, still nothing. The tech was reaching out to the tier up to see if ant known solutions were known, they stated pretty much that it's a shot in the dark on trying to get it to work. I went back out to find out if i purchase a different type of VGA to HDMI adapter would it work. Well i purchased two from Amazon, one powered at the link below and another one not powered. VGA to HDMI, GANA 1080P Full HD Mini VGA to HDMI Audio Video Converter Adapter Box with USB Cable and 3.5mm Audio Port Cable Support HDTV for PC Laptop Display Computer Mac Projector (Black) for 10.99 powered. 1080p 60Hz HDMI to VGA High Speed Display Adapter - Active HDMI to VGA (Male to Female) Video Converter for Laptop/PC/Monitor (HD2VGAE2)for 24.99 not powered.

needless to say the one that I mentioned above for 10.99 is the one that will work. The non powered one will not, and that was the more expensive one. The reason that I am writing this is due to my frustration that I went through trying to get this to work. I don't usually have to reach out to tech support but i was at my wits end in trying everything that i knew. I hope that this helps anyone that is encountering the same issue that I had working with VGA to HDMI on a Samsung Crystal UHD TU7000 43inch TV. I am a happy camper and this is a reliable fix for this issue.


Re: Samsung Crystal UHD TU7000 43inch

ok cool I will