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Samsung K950 - Unable to set up wifi

I have an iPhone with iOS 13 and downloaded the MultiRoom app to set up the WiFi for the K950 sound bar but when it prompts me to connect to the sound bar local WiFi, I am unable to continue via the app. The newer SmartThings app does not support the K950. Am I to believe that Samsung products are good for a couple of years and support will cease afterwards? 

Product Expert

Re: Samsung K950 - Unable to set up wifi



Thank you for this question. I understand your concern and typically in this situation the only reason it should not connect is if, The Soundbar and Your Phone are on different Wifi networks (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz may affect this as well). Please make sure your phone and soundbar are on the same network.


Secondly, looking through the Manual I found a few pages that may help with troubleshooting. Consider factory reset of the soundbar, and consider updating the firmware to soundbar as well. I've snipped a few pages and posted them below. I hope this helps narrow down the issue for you.


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