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Samsung QN82Q60RAFXZA turns on and off repeatedly whenever it feels like.

(Topic created on: 4/9/21 4:48 PM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs

My Samsung TV has been doing its own thing. Samsung and none of their trusted repair men were able to do anything. It has been 4 months since my 2019 TV hasn’t worked. It turns on and off repeatedly, intermittently and doesn’t work. I am out of warranty and so far I have replaced the main board, the power supply board and ribbon cables without any luck. Seems like this is a problem to many other Television sets and Samsung needs to do a recall. I will never buy another Samsung product ever again. I have two sharp Aquos tvs that still work fine and an old dell computer monitor that works from 2006. The newest electronic in my home isn’t working though. I have done everything including contacting support and after spending another $500 for a $3000 dollar TV still the tv will not work. It seems to have not worked after the stupid updates that samsung has. Next time I but a TV which is in a few days since this is obviously an 82inch pile of trash now, I will get a 5 year warranty and will not be a Samsung. Your company is trash and makes trash products I hope you all go out buisiness you suck. 

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